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IQF Spiral Freezer for Seafood, Fish, Poultry, Meat

Spiral freezers can process products independently with a capacity of up to 7 tons/hour. It uses high-efficiency airflow and evaporators to maximize heat transfer and optimize product quality and yield. Through energy efficient designs, our spiral freezers also meet industry requirements while saving costs to improve your bottom line.

IQF Double Spiral Freezer for Seafood, Fish, Poultry, Meat

A double spiral freezer is a type of spiral freezer. Compared with the single drum spiral freezer, it can achieve low feed and low discharge, simplify the production process, and reduce the cooling loss in the production process. Its capacity is from 500kg/h to 7000kg/h. Its overall footprint is much smaller than that of a tunnel freezer, which can fit into limited factory space. It meets industry production requirements while saving production costs to improve customers’ profits through energy-efficient design.

Self-stacking Spiral Freezer for Seafood, Fish, Poultry, Meat

The self-stacking spiral freezer uses self-stacking belt chain driven system and vertical air flow. The food can be frozen in a shorter time in better quality. The self-stacking spiral Freezer Meats the highest hygiene and energy efficiency standard. The self-stacking belt is driven by chain system operates completely on rolling balls. The resistance and noise caused by running chain is reduced.