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Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer
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Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer

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Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer is designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP and ensure the food hygiene and safety. It is suitable for fast freezing the shrimp, fish fillet, squid, scallops and other similar frozen food.

Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer

Structural features

It adopt air blowing at the side and it has cold air blow both ways at the upside and downside of the steel plate. The air returning distance is short, the frozen is fast and the weight loss is small.

All-aluminum alloy evaporator has high efficiency of heat exchange and fast cooling speed.

Evaporators are aligned along the direction of steel plate belt. The windward area is large; thereby it is not prone to frosting and can continuously produce for a long time.

The building enclosure of the equipment has no doors and inner plate of the equipment has passages at two sides for the convenience of cleaning after the production.

The outside and inside of the insulation panel of the equipment are both made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene condition.

The steel belt adopts the imported food-grade rigid stainless steel, which is elastic, strong and not easy to deform.

The frozen time can be adjusted continuously according to different frozen objects.

It adopts dual drive at the feeding and discharging end and the stainless steel is not prone to slide and deviate.

It adopts the high efficient cleaning device to ensure the hygiene.

Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer

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