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Mesh belt tunnel freezer
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Mesh belt tunnel freezer

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Mesh belt tunnel freezer is designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP and ensure the food hygiene and safety.It is suitable for fast freezing fisheries, fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, pastry and all kinds of prepared foods.

Structural features

It adopts the form of longitudinal vertical air blowing through the wind-guiding rack and installed with air-guiding device and equipped with high efficient and low-noise axial flow fan. It employs the advanced foreign technology of thermal fluctuation freezing. The heating exchange effect is good and the freezing speed is fast.

The evaporator uses large fins, which provides eficient heat exchange.

Water and hot gas defrosting ensures cleanness of the evaporator.

The panel use of rigid polyurethane foam, Good insulation properties; Both inside and outside are stainless steel, Easy to clean, ensuring food hygiene.

The mesh belt is driven by sprocket; high strength chains and sprockets, which ensures long service life.

Imported frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation which can adapt to a variety of frozen products processing.

Mesh belt tunnel freezer

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