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Impingement tunnel freezer

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Impingement tunnel freezer with specially design for circling low-temperature air flow and air channel in the storage. When the food is transported through the belt, the two-ways jet air flows evenly at thetopside and bottoms of the food. The surface of the food is got frozen quickly and the food frozen canbe achieve in a very short time. If it is equipped with super-low-temperature refrigerating system, the freezing efficiency will be much higher.

It is suitable for fast freezing particles, small pieced and flat food such as shrimps, fish slice, hamburger meat pie and other thin food.

Impingement tunnel freezer

Structural features

Rapid freezing does not produce large ice crystals, preserving the cells and the quality of the product.

The surface of the food becomes hard and crusted, so it can keep the moisture inside and reduce the drying loss to the minimum.

Short freezing time maintains freshness of product and provides a good freezing efficiency.

The freezing efficiency is much higher than the conventional tunnel freezer, so it can significantly reduce the processing cost.

Shortening the freezing time can downside the whole equipment, which requires less space.

Impingement tunnel freezer

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