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Fluidized freezer

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Fluidized freezer adopts the stainless steel mesh belt(plastic belt). When it is in operation, food are blown by the vertically upward air flow and form semi-suspended state(semi-flow freezing) or full-suspended state(full-flow freezing). The suspended food particle is surrounded by the low-temperature air filed and got froze quickly. Meanwhile, at the bottom and side of the conveyer belt, it is designed with mechanical vibration and air pulse vibration devices. When the surface of thefood got froze, it is separated due to the vibration, so it effectively avoids sticking. The rational design and equipment of fluidized freezing improve the operation efficiency and reduce the cost for customers.

Fluidized freezer

Structural features

Low noise centrifugal fan and high efficient wind guiding produce the high-speed, high-pressure and low-temperature air flow vertically upward at the bottom of the belt.

Evaporator, fan, fluidized bed, wind-guiding structure form a cyclic air channel and the heat of food is quickly transferred.

Food particles forms the full-suspended state or the semi-suspended state due to the effect of high-speed air flowing.

At the feeding device, the food particle is surround by low temperature airflow and the surface froze quickly and thereby the moisture inside is locked to ensure the drying loss to the least degree.

Fluidized freezer

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