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Air cooler and evaporator
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Air cooler and evaporator

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We can offer a refined plate fin coil that features many distinct advantages. First the coil tube pattern is designed around an extended axis triangular pitch to create optimum air turbulence and streamlined aerodynamic flow. The seamless tube is hydraulically expanded into the elastic azqcollared fins, thus assuring positive thermal contact and long term performance. Even the heavy plate fin has been embossed with ribs and dimples to enhance the structural rigidity and improve heat transfer. Finally, after all headers and tube joints are TIG welded by certified welders, coil assemblies are factory tested and certified for pressures up to 400 psi (27.5 Bars).


Aluminum-alloy fins and discharge pipe-corrosion proof and good thermal conductivity

Majorized fin design-difficult to frost, which can prolong holding time

Professional centrifugal fan and motor-high stage of protection and fit for many kinds of work condition

Defrost with electrical heating, steam or heating ammonia can be used

Suspended or console installation, horizontal or vertical air cycle

Multi-evaporating units can form a large air cooler/evaporator, and refrigerating capacity is not limited.

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