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Complete refrigerating system

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The complete refrigeration system is equipped with compressor, condenser, liquid reservoir, supporting valve and pipeline, and the pipeline between terminal equipment and the refrigeration system is installed on site. The installation period is short and the operation and maintenance is simple.

Equipment features:

Adopts internationally known brand compressors.

Automatic control facilitates user maintenance and operation, improves control accuracy at the end of the system as well as economic operation of the refrigeration system.

It is assembled with controllers produced by Japan, control valves produced by Danfoss, high quality connections and high efficiency condensers.

Equipment classification: semi-sealed piston compressor refrigeration unit, double-stage piston compressor refrigeration unit, semi-sealed screw compressor refrigeration unit, double-stage screw compressor refrigeration unit, frequency conversion screw compressor unit, special unit for carbon dioxide refrigerant.

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