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Contrastive Analysis of Quick-freezing Machine and Quick-freezing Storage

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1. Summarize that food processing enterprises must obtain food production license (QS). Our main business is vegetable and seafood frozen products, so we should register the QS production license for quick-frozen food. This kind of production license requires that enterprises must have quick-frozen equipment (quick-frozen storage or quick-frozen machine) in hardware aspect. Therefore, this report mainly analyses the characteristics and synthesis of quick-frozen storage and quick-frozen machine. Contrast.
Quick-frozen machine (Fig. 1) Quick-frozen storehouse (Fig. 2), structure comparison between quick-frozen machine and quick-frozen storehouse; Quick-frozen storehouse can be divided into large and small quick-frozen storehouse according to the tonnage of quick-frozen, among which large-scale quick-frozen storehouse is mostly civil storehouse, refrigerant is ammonia refrigerant.And most of the small-scale quick-freezing storehouses are modular structures, and Freon refrigeration is the most common. The whole warehouse is in the form of tetragonal or cuboid. Because of the compact structure, the large area and space are occupied by the quick-freezing warehouse. The forms of evaporator in the quick-freezing warehouse are shelf-type, air-cooled, air-cooled and shelf-type. The quick-freezing effect of the combination of cold fan and shelf-type tube is very good, but the utilization rate of the warehouse is low. Quick-frozen storage is the best modular structure for Zhenjiang project.