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In September, Ecuador exported 21,600 tons of white shrimp to China! The price has soared by more than $1!
How to judge whether refrigeration equipment is working normally
Relevant valves and equipments in refrigeration equipment system are in proper state. Compressor suction and exhaust valves, oil separator inlet and outlet valves, condenser and reservoir inlet and outlet valves are all in correct opening position; throttle valves are properly opened; fans and motors are running smoothly; pumps in water circulation system are running normally without abnormal sound; water
Rapid Growth of Quick-freezing Industry in China Quick-freezing Machine of Extreme-speed Liquid Nitrogen came into being
Quick-freezing industry in our country is growing rapidly. Quick-freezing machine of extreme-speed refrigeration liquid nitrogen is a kind of colorless, odorless, non-corrosive liquid and gas, whose temperature is - 196 C under atmospheric pressure. Quick-frozen food with liquid nitrogen freezer has been widely used in foreign food processing industry. It takes only 7 minutes for a steaming steamed bun to freeze in and out of the freezer, while the central temperature can reach - 18 C. The quality of steamed buns is frozen by such a liquid nitrogen freezer and the taste is exactly the same as when they were fresh out of the oven. This liquid nitrogen freezer is one of the extreme refrigeration products. It not only has good freezing effect, short time, but also occupies a small area. Extreme refrigeration is a large-scale professional manufacturer of liquid nitrogen quick-freezing in China.
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