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The company always insists on quality to survive and science and technology to develop.


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Nantong Baoxuerefrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. is the domestic emergingprofessional production of quick-frozen equipment manufacturers, the company staff were working in the domestic first-class quick freezing equipment production enterprises reached more than ten years, from design, production, installation andsales management, to have reliable, stable staff team. The product is complete,advanced technology, reasonable design, reliable quality and excellent after saleservice by many domestic users.
The company always adhere to the quality of survival, to the science and technology development; with reliable products and quality service, "Bao Xue"series of products have been fully affirmed and recognized by customers, establish a good reputation. On this basis we will refine on, striving to be the leading domestic brands.
We sincerely hope to establish good cooperation relationship with you, customersatisfaction is our aim, our close cooperation will bring you a complete set of value-added services!
Service Support